The Hate U Give – Cover Reveal & New Excerpt

screen-shot-10-12-16-at-03-37-pm has the exclusive cover reveal for “The Hate U Give” as well as the first and second chapter! Click the picture above to check out the excerpt and see the cover below!


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  1. Jim Potter says:

    Real Characters, Real Problems
    Author Angie Thomas’ novel, The Hate U Give, is a powerful page-turner.
    Starr, the young narrator, shows us the ever-present pressure she feels during cultural interactions. How can she be true to herself when she lives in many worlds—one black, and one white–one wealthy, and one poor?
    Masterfully, Thomas reveals the depth of distrust and anger felt by people of color when they are stereotyped and racially profiled, especially during life-and-death encounters with the police.
    In her contemporary fiction, Thomas shows the importance of understanding, equality, and social justice by creating a world of real characters struggling with real problems.

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