The Hate U Give – UK Cover Reveal

All right, UK peeps – we haven’t forgotten about you! Walker Books will be publishing THE HATE U GIVE across the pond on April 6, 2017. Check out the fantastic UK cover below! A HUGE thank you to everyone at Walker!


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3 Responses to The Hate U Give – UK Cover Reveal

  1. Betty Tolbert says:

    Greeting!!! I read your book —it get 5 stars, you make your voice heard, and you made your point… “Black lives do matter” but only when we stick together… when we matter to each other, when we speak up for each other, that’s when we, Blacks matter… Keep up the good work…in the long run you will make a way out of no way!!

  2. School Librarian says:

    I’m a UK High school librarian, I saw your book on Amazon, and brought in a copy to read for our Book Club, as I don’t think the Year 10’s & 11’s have enough thought provoking books to read. Your book is amazing – I couldn’t put it down! It covers everything in such a brilliant way – I hope it resonates with our teens the way it did with me. I will be ordering more copies in September for the new school year.

  3. Alexis Moore Bruton says:

    Your work is amazing. True voices, true lessons from the childhood I had. Thank you for your presence in the literary world. I live in San Antonio now, but I was raised in Philadelphia and have lots of contacts there. If I can help share your work there or here in SA, through book clubs or other events, PLEASE let me know.
    You are brilliant. Our children need to know you and your work.

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